Raycasting Game Maker Version History


Version 2:

- easier drawing of walls

- shader

- display of a level- map in the game window

- enemies can open doors

- execute game from the editor
- sound attenuation by distance


Version 2.1:
For best speed performance it is now possible to use single color textures for
the floor and the ceiling, this will do the following:

- Disable the Camera Y- Movement
- Faster rendering of the floor and ceiling
- Disable the shader
(the game does auto- detect single color textures for floor and ceiling)

Version 2.2:
- Menu Music

- FullScreen Mode

- Flying bullet with impact

- Red screen when hit by an enemy
- Bug fixed on Editor and Raycaster Engine

Version 2.3:
(minor changes only)

- Next Level Picture has bigger size

- Menu Music did not play when game was finished

Version 2.4:  
- New Enemy Settings in the Animation Dialog
- Red Screen when hit by an Enemy ist now transparent and it
can be disabled/enabled in the Settings dialog.
- 20 Floor and 20 Ceiling Textures (for each level).
- 20 Door Textures (for each level)
- Changed Dead- Screen (fade to red)
- Editable Cheat Code (Commandline Parameter)
- FullScreen- and Windowed Mode can be set via Commandline Parameter
- Removed: Single Color Floor and Ceiling

Update 2.41:  
- Version 2.4 did not load saved levels correctly

Version 2.5:
- Added 6 Weapons and Weapon Settings
- Added Bright Screen when found an Item
can be disabled/enabled in the Settings dialog.
- Added Help Menu Item.
- Added Settings for Ammo- and Health Pack
- Added new Enemy Settings
- Added Intro Screen

Version 2.51: 
- GameBitmaps folder can now be opened from the menu
- Bullet- and Impact Bitmaps have now the correct orientation (they had an offset of 270)
- Some corrections made for bullets that hits an enemy

Version 2.52:
- Sprite Collision Detection Settings and new Sprite Import Dialog

Version 3.00:

- Distroyable Sprites (5 frames per sprite)
- Bugfixes in bullet collision detection

Version 3.01:
- Shooting with mousebuttons was not possible


Version 3.02:
- Bugfix: Some Enemy- Animation frames were too short when the enemy was hit
- Bugfix: When starting a new game without a weapon, the previous used weapon was still active


Version 3.03:
- Midi Music for levels

Version 3.04:
- Bugfix: Sometimes Bullets were blocked by dead enemies

Version 3.05:
- Collision detection against enemies

Version 3.06:
- different sounds for opening and closing doors

Version 3.07:
- Sound Volume Settings

Version 3.08:
- New Weapon- Settings (Start Ammo, Max. Ammo)
- Max. Enemy Endurance is now 20.
- Max. Weapon Power is now 10.

Version 3.081:
- When shooting, the Ammo decreases by 1.
(In V3.080 it was decreased by the PowerSetting value)

Version 3.090:
- Sizeable Editor Window.
- Menusound stops when window not active.
- Removed bug in bullet procedure.
- MenuMaker tool added.

Version 4.00:  
- Updated MenuMaker.
- Added: new Sound when found weapon.
- Added: new Sound when found Ammo.
- When a Level or the Game is finished the wav Sound is looped.
- Weapon- Bullets can be enabled/disabled.
- Score Display at the end of levels.
- Animated walls.

Version 4.01:
- Updated MenuMaker.
- Bug fixed on score display.

Version 4.02:
- Added: ColorXchange Tool to adjust colors for sprites and walls.
- Bug fixed on Import Foor/Ceiling Texture.

Version 4.03:  
- Updated: ColorAdjust Tool.
- Weapons without bullets can now shoot trough sprites if enabled.
- The version of saved games is checked to be compatible.

Version 4.04:  
- Added: Treasure Sprites.
- Updated: ColorAdjust Tool. Now the color settings are not reset when a new picture is loaded.

Version 4.05:  
- Game.pak import.
- Max. Enemy Endurance is now 40.
- Max. Enemy Weapon Power is now 40.
- New Commandline Parameter 'windowedborderless', to open a fullscreen borderless window.

Version 4.06:  
- Window did not refresh when a game.pak was imported.

Version 4.07:  
- If no key is defined to change weapons, keys 1-6 are active.

Version 4.08:  
- Ammo- Display did not update when changing weapons with keys 1-6.

Version 4.09:
- Memorybug removed.

Version 4.10:  
- Improved vista support.

Version 4.11:
- Improved vista support.

Version 4.12:
- Added: GamePak- Password Dialog in Menu Settings.

Version 4.30:  
- Faster Key- event Handling in Menus.
- Added: Left- Arrow Key to exit Menu, Right- Arrow Key to enter Menu.

Version 4.31: 
- Added: Fullwindow mode in the Settings Dialog for better compatibility.

Version 4.32: 
- The max. Number of Sprites is now 3844 per Level.

Version 4.35: 
- Editor Bugfix.

Version 4.36: 
- Mousewheel Bugfix.

Version 4.37: 
- Bugfix on a dialog- item.

Version 4.40:

- A Game can now use up to 20 GamePaks

- FullScreen Mode removed (for copatibility reasons). FullWindow mode is still possible

- Added export for Gamepaks


Version 4.41:

- bugfix on Screen Aspect Ratio

- bugfix on midi playback

- bugfix on GamePak loading


Version 4.42:

- bugfix on save game


Version 4.46:

- Maintenance Update

- Cutscenes at the beginning of new Levels (Beta)


Version 4.47:

- Added Fullscreen Mode without borders


Version 4.49:

- Added Enemy can shoot back with projectiles

Version 4.50:

- Added config.txt to set the projectil speed of the enemy projetils
- Enemy projectil impact sound 1-5 of the player weapons 1-5 are used.

Version 4.60:

- Added external wav and ogg sound support:  Create a folder and rename it 'sndrsc', then put ogg or wav files
in it. Rename the files like '1_1.ogg' or '1_1.wav'. First number = gamepack, second number = level.

Version 4.61:

- bugfixes

Version 4.62:

- Added Bullets for Enemies as Bitmaps.